Video Transcript:

I’ve worked with him on a few occasions, but since the early ’90s I’ve been totally aware of him being there to assist and help put in order. It’s been nothing but expansion, which I’ve totally observed from where I work.

You just have to look at the expansion of Dianetics and Scientology in the last fifteen, twenty years to know what kind of a leader he is. He is… intelligent, he is… he’s got a lot of charisma, he’s got a lot of care and he’s got a lot of intention to get things done—and they do get done. And you see that, as a staff member, every single day. As a person, he’s just a real person. You know, he, he likes people, he talks to people, he is friendly.

One day—it was a Saturday, we had the day off—and we were walking out to our car to go out to a movie and stuff. And he walks over and goes, “Oh, what do you girls think you’re up to?” And we smiled and said, “We’re going shopping, Sir.” And he says, “Perfectly fine. Shop until you drop, and bring me something too.” But it was just so cute and so in, you know, in communication, that we felt very special that he would stop and talk to us, in his busy schedule—cause, man, is that man busy!

What COB has done, from my viewpoint, is make it possible for us to get this technology around the world. What would I do for him? Anything that he asks. Why? Because it’s working and he’s making it happen.