Scientologists take the first steps on their path toward spiritual freedom with beginning- and intermediate-level services at their local Churches of Scientology. The higher-level study and practice of the religion takes place at Advanced Scientology Organizations.

David Miscavige took L. Ron Hubbard’s vision of establishing Advanced Organizations in strategic locations around the world, and is making it a manifest reality. His mandate and goal is the forming of Advanced Organizations on every continent. As the name implies, these organizations open the gateway to the highest levels of spiritual development.

As evidence of the Church’s meteoric growth, four Advanced Organizations have been inaugurated as Ideal since 2014, and three more are in the making as part of the effort to complete the Scientology global staircase to eternity. These Advanced Organizations are large facilities custom-designed for the delivery of the Advanced Scientology services. They include:

Copenhagen, Denmark Advanced Organization and Saint Hill Europe

In 2014, Mr. Miscavige fulfilled L. Ron Hubbard’s vision of establishing an ideal spiritual center in Europe with the inauguration of Europe’s Advanced Organization. Located in Denmark’s cosmopolitan capital, the city of Copenhagen, a multinational staff delivers upper level Scientology courses and counseling.

Los Angeles, California Advanced Organization of Los Angeles

One month later in 2014, Mr. Miscavige inaugurated not one but three Churches simultaneously. Collectively known as the Pacifica Bridge, it serves the world’s largest concentration of Scientologists. From this single location, at the Los Angeles facility one can ascend from introductory services to increasingly higher plateaus of spiritual attainment on a street named L. Ron Hubbard Way.

Saint Hill, Sussex, United Kingdom Advanced Organization and Saint Hill United Kingdom

Saint Hill carries special significance in Scientology history. It is where Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard lived, researched and accomplished his revolutionary discoveries on the mind, body and spirit, and built the foundation for the religion’s dynamic future. Saint Hill is also where David Miscavige trained in his youth as a young prodigy in the early 1970s, becoming the youngest professional auditor on the planet.

Mr. Miscavige personally guided the dramatic restoration and expansion of the legendary Saint Hill estate on 60 acres of English countryside to realize Mr. Hubbard’s vision of a place where any Scientologist could come to train.

Sydney, Australia Advanced Organization and Saint Hill of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

The Church’s beacon of freedom for the Asia Pacific region in Sydney, Australia, is an architectural masterpiece. Its soaring windows open onto views of a national park, where kookaburras trill at dawn and dusk. The masterfully restored 145,000-square­-foot building is a physical wonder that embodies the spirit of Scientology itself.

Not only did Mr. Miscavige personally locate the premises, he oversaw the renovations and the transformation of the property into the spiritual oasis that stands today—the Advanced Organization for Australasia serving Scientologists from Japan to Tasmania.