David Miscavige works for and answers to the millions of Scientology parishioners. He is unrelenting in his service to their interests and the interests of the religion.

As the driving force behind a worldwide program to expand all Churches of Scientology to better serve Scientologists and their communities, Mr. Miscavige has led the creation of a new breed of Scientology Churches. These Churches stand as points of succor where all are welcome. These are also the Churches from which Scientologists extend their humanitarian programs to mitigate intolerance, illiteracy, immorality and drug abuse.

L. Ron Hubbard expressed the goal to create Churches that reflect physically what they provide spiritually:

“You are creating an island of friendliness, decency, and succor in the sea of a violent world. … Sometime in the future the islands will become the sea.”

To realize this goal, Mr. Miscavige launched a program with the stated aim of making every Church of Scientology into an Ideal Church of Scientology—ideal in location, design, quality of religious services and community outreach programs.

Each Church is uniquely configured to accommodate the full array of Scientology services for both parishioners and the surrounding community. Each houses extensive public information multimedia displays that introduce every facet of Dianetics and Scientology. Additionally, libraries, seminar rooms and chapels serve as places to hold Sunday Services and other congregational gatherings. The first wave of these new Churches now graces world cultural centers, including Madrid, London, Berlin, New York, Rome, Washington, D.C., Brussels, Tel Aviv, Kaohsiung and Sydney.

You are creating an island of friendliness, decency, and succor in the sea of a violent world. … Sometime in the future the islands will become the sea.L. Ron Hubbard

New Ideal Organizations now regularly open their doors, with many others on the horizon, as Scientologists rally in support of a global Ideal Church movement to serve their communities long into the future.

David Miscavige also inaugurated a program to establish Ideal Advanced Scientology Organizations on every continent. These organizations open wide the gateway to the highest spiritual levels for Scientologists all over the world.

As another indication of the Church’s meteoric growth, four such Ideal Advanced Organizations have opened since the beginning of 2014 and another three are in planning and design.

At the pinnacle of the Scientology religion, and established by David Miscavige in fulfillment of L. Ron Hubbard’s vision, now stands the international spiritual headquarters for the religion—the Flag Building. Inaugurated in 2013, this Scientology cathedral provides for thousands at a time to progress through auditing (spiritual counseling) and studies. And all in a setting commensurate with the technology itself.