I enjoy working with Mr. Miscavige. It’s a pleasure. It’s an honor. It’s a trust and I always do my best to do my best. Ken Weber

Video Transcript:

I’ve had the opportunity to be a driver for Mr. Miscavige over the years on and off on different locations and that’s very interesting because it is one-on-one. Often it’s just him and I together in a car. And that’s a very interesting time because he treats you as a person.

He wants to know what’s happening in my life. What’s, you know, what’s happening with me. What’s happening with my organization. What’s happening with the family. And it’s genuine. It’s not just a social thing. He really cares about people and that’s really nice.

It’s amazing, a gentleman this busy has the time to care about one-on-one and the people around him, or people he just happens to meet. You know, I’ve seen him just invite, in the different islands with the ship, just invite people from the dock he happened to meet, whether it’s a taxi driver or whatever, on board the ship to have a look around, to have lunch with the ship’s crew. And like I said, it’s genuine. He likes people and likes to treat people well.

So we work with him about once a year and usually get invited to dinner along with a group of staff. And that’s always an enjoyable time, because it’s not staff time, it’s not duty time, it’s not post time. And that’s when you talk about, you know, anything but on the job. And I remember a few years ago it was the soccer World Cup. And that was the topic, that was the hot topic, you know. What’s happening in the World Cup and what team’s doing this. And that night at dinner, amazing enough, the United States just got put out of the competition. And it was like—that was not, was not the best situation to be in. But we had, you know, we enjoyed it anyway.

We have roughly 200 crew on board the Freewinds with over 50 of them being on board for over 25 years or more is quite a mark for anybody. And what Mr. Miscavige gave us as an acknowledgement was something incredible. I had been having my eye on a particular watch I wanted for a number of years. I’d go into a jewelry store and just look at it and what are their prices and what are the models and that was an Omega Sea Master.

And as it turned out he presented each one of these crew with an Omega Sea Master watch, which was totally … I was totally blown out. I would have never expected it, you know. And I told Mr. Miscavige, after that, after receiving that, I said, “If you would have put it—give me a list of what I wanted for a gift, the top ten things, that watch would have been number one.” And I said, ”Thank you very much.” And he just said, “Hey, no problem. Glad to, glad to be of service to you.” So, that was quite special. I mean, he knew it, somehow. Exactly so.

I enjoy working with Mr. Miscavige. It’s a pleasure. It’s an honor. It’s a trust and I always do my best to do my best, let’s say. I don’t want to let him down or anybody on his team down, so I enjoy the time with him and I keep my eyes and ears open to see how he operates and maybe I can pick up a few things that I can apply in my life.