Video Transcript:

The first time we ever met David Miscavige was in our office at Saint Hill. And in the door there was a little… little letter box. And we were having a meeting in the office. And then suddenly, all of a sudden this pair of eyes comes through the letter box. We thought, I recognize those eyes but it can’t be. And the door opened and there was David Miscavige. And he walked in and goes, “Hi. I’m David Miscavige.” And obviously we all know he’s David Miscavige. We know he is but he, he grants you enough to, to, you know—express that you don’t know who he is. It’s just a fantastic, a friendly way to go about it, and we love him for it.

We were playing a concert, actually at Saint Hill and Mr. Miscavige was at the concert and after the concert he comes to talk to us and say how great the concert was and he really enjoyed it. But he had his attention on something that I’m on—when I’m on I play bass. And he had his attention on something to do with the sound. And I’m thinking, such a busy man and he does all this for the Church and whatever. But he actually pinpointed that the outpoint of the concert that The Jive Aces played was the bass sound. And out of all the stuff that he does, he pinpointed the sound and said there was something wrong with the pickup and that just blew me away, ’cause he’s got the whole sounds going and he is listening to the whole thing but he could pinpoint that the sound of the bass was not, was not punchy enough, it wasn’t pushing through. So under his advice I got new a pickup and changed the sound and after that it’s been no trouble. It’s always been out the front and it’s amazing. Yeah.

Expansion of Scientology across the planet is basically down to David Miscavige. I mean, I've been in Scientology for twenty-five years, and I’ve seen how all went along—getting better, better, better. And over the last three or four years, it’s now just boomed, rocketed—it is unbelievably different. Unbelievably different. And I think, due to his leadership and his care, that’s why the expansion has occurred.