Scientologists love Mr. Miscavige.… Look what he’s done for our organization, for our Church as a whole. It’s been really remarkable. Kelly LaClaire

Video Transcript:

Scientologists love Mr. Miscavige. I mean, look what he’s done for our organization, for our Church as a whole. It’s been really remarkable. We have hundreds and hundreds of new beautiful churches that—and hundreds of groups around the world that are helping at disaster scenes, constantly. Who doesn’t love that?!

I think one of the things that have benefited me most, recently in Scientology and under Mr. Miscavige’s leadership is that we have a beautiful new Church. We had a Church for a long time in Portland that was … it was fine, it just wasn’t really ideal. And it didn’t have all the things we wanted it to have, it wasn’t as beautiful as we wanted it to be. It wasn’t as big as we wanted it to be. We couldn’t fill all the demands that we had. We wanted to do more in our community and we just didn’t have quite enough resources. And when Mr. Miscavige started the campaign to really put really big booming beautiful Churches there, when that happened in Portland, all of that came to fruition. And we just, we just kind of took off and it’s really been great for me personally to see that. Because that’s something that everybody wants for their own Church or for their own group.

I found Mr. Miscavige to be very, very personable. Very down to earth. He chatted with me and my family about our experiences in Portland, our experiences at the Church we had and how excited he was and he wanted to get our feedback on how excited we were about our new Church that we had put together. It was a, it was quite a process in Portland to put a brand-new Church there and it took a few years and a lot of hard work with a lot of people working and it was a great experience, so he was interested to hear, especially from our family. My brother works for the Church, so he was very curious to see, you know, what our experiences were. And I thought that was nice that he took time with us and really just wanted to know how things were going.

I don’t think Scientology would be near as big, near as well known and near as, quite honestly, near as helpful in as many areas as it is around the world without the leadership we have today. I think that’s obvious to any Scientologist that’s been around any amount of time, really.